the process to our rum

The Spirit of the Hispaniola


The initial process is having the sugar cane harvested by local farmers, then the process of molasses is made before sending to the distillery.


At the Distillery, the molasses goes through a thorough process of quality control, upon after yeast is then added and the process of fermentation begins.


Next a double distillation process in columns takes place, and it is at the point that only the purest of alcohol is obtained.


After the above mentioned process, the liquor that is collected then is sent to the production and aging plant. From there the wooden barrels play a major role in the aging of the spirit.


It is in the process of aging that the different varieties of our rum come to life. Each type of rum is made perfect by the different combination of our secret formulas.


In the final phase of production, the rum is left to rest then stabilized in tanks. The rum is then filtered and lastly is placed in bottles.